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Michael Daugherty – April 7, 2016

Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty

The Devil Inside the Beltway

Various government agencies do not always have to follow checks and balances, and can wield unregulated power. Small businesses often do not have the means or influence to defend themselves when under scrutiny from these agencies. Five years ago, the US Government teamed with a private enterprise to attack and take a file without authorization from an American small business, and they used that information to expand a government agency. Michael Daugherty, a small business owner who created LabMD, a cancer detection center in Atlanta, became a victim of a private cyber security company. That company, in association with a prestigious American university, conducted an invasion of business files and then used their findings to motivate the US Government to ride the wave of new cyber security protections and legislation. Mr. Daugherty will create awareness about this abuse of power, and his book The Devil Inside the Beltway will be available at the Wisconsin Forum event for purchase. More information »

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