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Herman Mashaba Elected Mayor of Johannesburg

Herman Mashaba, a past Wisconsin Forum speaker, is elected the mayor of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Herman Mashaba - Mayor of Johannesburg

South African patriot, former Chairman of the Free Market Foundation, prolific writer and renown speaker Herman Mashaba was elected a mayor of the biggest city in Sub-Saharan Africa – City of Johannesburg. One of the leaders of the Democratic Alliance of South Africa Mashaba went head to head against incumbent mayor Parks Tau, but emerged victorious with 144 votes. Tau received 125 votes.

Links to stories below:

Herman was on the NPR and BBC yesterday and today.

The Myth of Class Struggle | William Law

Former board member and founder of the Wisconsin Forum, William L. Law, speaks about the myth of class struggle.

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“The Internet…is a process not an episode.”

Technology seems to be moving faster and faster these days (that’s cause it is); it’s becoming a more powerful tool not only for raising one’s productivity but also for increasing liberty in the hands of those who know how to maximize it’s utility.

That said…Anthony Wile just wrote a fascinating editorial at the Daily Bell which sparked the idea for this blog post. It’s on the latest developments surrounding the Megaupload and Bodog fiascos, (and yet so much more). I thought I would share one of his insights.

“It took the elites a number of centuries to control the damage done by the Gutenberg Press. These massive technological changes are not merely dealt with by flicking a “kill switch.”

The Internet, as we often point out, is a process not an episode. Many of its ramifications are yet to unfold.”

(You can read the full article if you click on this link. It’s worth your time.)

The reason I feel compelled to share it is that I am reminded (and really excited) about the many possibilities. The possibility for increasing liberty through the use of technology will EXPLODE in the years ahead and NOTHING will be able to stop it if “they” let it. This is good news for the common man and bad news for the powerful, the elite, and the totalitarian minded among us. Thankfully I do not think they see: their days are numbered.

If the prospect for Liberty in our life time excites you as much as it does me, then I hope you will join us some time at the Wisconsin Forum. Browse our new website for more information. We look forward to meeting you at one of our future meetings, in the company of like minded individuals from all walks of life.

(To read more on technology as it relates to Liberty I recommend reading this essay from former Wisconsin Forum Speaker Gary North. Fair warning…it may change your life if you understand it’s ramifications and look into the details and links provided. It is perhaps one of the most powerful “windows” into what technology will bring, for good or ill, and there is nothing the powerful can do to stop or contain the process ultimately.)

Take care and we hope to see you soon!

In Liberty,

Ryan Law

Wisconsin Forum Board Member


Federalist Society Meeting

Attention Wisconsin Forum Member:

The Board of the Wisconsin Forum would like to make you aware of an upcoming event hosted by the Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society. Richard Brookhiser, one of America’s preeminent historians of our country’s founding, will speak about his recently published book James Madison on Wednesday, March 21st at Noon at the next Federalist Society luncheon event at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. Details regarding the luncheon are attached. In James Madison, Mr. Brookhiser chronicles Madison’s role as the Father of the Constitution but also examines Madison’s lesser-appreciated role as the Father of Politics. Mr. Brookhiser is a journalist, historian and biographer who has written and spoken about politics and politicians (living and dead) for over forty years. He has authored ten books, including George Washington on Leadership, What Would the Founders Do? and Alexander Hamilton, American. Mr. Brookhiser is a senior editor of National Review, where has written for 35 years, and is a columnist for American History. He also wrote a column for the New York Observer for twenty years and has contributed to The New Yorker, Commentary, and Vanity Fair. He wrote and co-hosted the PBS documentaries Rediscovering George Washington and Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton. He appears frequently on the History Channel and the Colbert Report.

Books will be available for purchase and signing.

Here is a link to more information on this event.

It Can Happen Here Too…

Wendy McElroy writes a fascinating book review on reminding us that totalitarianism is always a threat even in our back yards. She tells us that people often do not recognize the dangers presented to us incrementally while living out our daily lives.

She quotes a pertinent Murray Rothbard passage as well…

“The state is the only institution which can use the revenue from this organized theft [taxes] to presume to control and regulate people’s lives and property. Hence, the institution of the state establishes a socially legitimatized and sanctified channel for bad people to do bad things.”

The America we once knew “is disappearing day by day” and articles like this book review should serve as serious reminders to us all.


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